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East-West Furniture modern dining excellent set- 2 table Ultra-Cheap Super sale Deals

East-West Furniture modern dining table set- 2 excellent dining


East-West Furniture modern dining table set- 2 excellent dining

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wooden dining set

East West Furniture, LLC is a Houston based furniture importer and distributor with a diversified and growing portfolio of products. Starting exclusively with dining room furniture, East West product lines have expanded to living room, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture and flooring. Via the drop-shipping business model, we are supplying to all well-known retailers including Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Lowes, Sears, etc. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with the fine craftsmanship of our well-designed products. We offer affordable products with great styles and outstanding services. Our product lines currently include:


  • Dining room:

* Wooden dining sets: set of 3,5,6,7, 9 items including 1 table, wooden chairs and/or bench

* Parson chair dining sets: set of 3,5,6,7, 9 items including 1 table, Parson chairs and/or bench

* Dining tables: round, oval, square, rectangular, drop leaves, butterfly leaves, regular height, counter height

* Dining chairs: wooden chairs, parson chairs, regular height, counter height

* Barstools: swivel and non-swivel

  • Living room: Coffee table, End table, Sideboard amp; Server, Sofa amp; Armchair
  • Bedroom: Bunk bed, Loft bed, Platform bed, Fabric bed, single bed, nightstand, chest, mirror, dresser

OUTDOOR: Wooden patio set, Wicker patio set

FLOORING: Engineered Hardwood, SPC flooring

sets feature

East-West Furniture modern dining table set- 2 excellent dining

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