$23 Cohas Goat Theme Happy Birthday Banner Includes 16 by 52 Inch Vi Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies Vi,shuddhatattvam.com,Goat,Banner,Happy,Includes,by,Theme,Inch,/Bryanism2429395.html,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,$23,Birthday,Cohas,16,52 Cohas Goat Theme Happy Birthday Popular brand in the world Banner by Inch 52 Includes Vi 16 Cohas Goat Theme Happy Birthday Popular brand in the world Banner by Inch 52 Includes Vi 16 $23 Cohas Goat Theme Happy Birthday Banner Includes 16 by 52 Inch Vi Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies Vi,shuddhatattvam.com,Goat,Banner,Happy,Includes,by,Theme,Inch,/Bryanism2429395.html,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,$23,Birthday,Cohas,16,52

Cohas Goat Theme Popular popular Happy Birthday Popular brand in the world Banner by Inch 52 Includes Vi 16

Cohas Goat Theme Happy Birthday Banner Includes 16 by 52 Inch Vi


Cohas Goat Theme Happy Birthday Banner Includes 16 by 52 Inch Vi

Product description

Color:Guidelines and 3 Pastel Markers

Cohas Chalkboard System Birthday Banners are designed to look like a real chalkboard banner you can use again and again. These banners are perfect for hanging at birthday parties, family celebrations, or just to make your loved one feel special. This goat themed banner features billy goats and a troll under a bridge designed in real chalk art and faint writing guidelines.

This kit comes with three pastel wet-wipe liquid chalk markers. The markers feature a chisel 6mm tip, perfect for making thick and thin chalk-like lines about 1/8-inches wide. The markers' ink will remove easily with water. When using other markers, certain colors and marker brands can cause staining and damage; test markers in a small section before writing on your banner. Do not use real chalk.

Birthday banners are easy to store and reuse. Simply hang from hooks, nails, or string using the included grommet holes. Once your celebration is over, roll tightly and store in included tube. Do not fold, as this can cause permanent creasing to the banner. To remove included wet-wipe markers or if banner becomes dirty during use, wipe with water or a gentle cleaner like Windex. Do not use abrasive cleaners or magic erasers; they will damage the banner's surface.

The banner features real chalk art and a chalkboard background embedded onto banner material. Metal grommets are added for easy hanging. Finished banner measures 16 by 52 inches.

Ziggyboard has now become Cohas! Still providing the same products and customer service you've come to know and love, but under a new name! And new to the change, Cohas products purchased through authorized resellers come with a one-year warranty!

Safe in your home. Markers have the CE mark, meet Toy Safety Regulation EN-41, and bear AP Seal ASTM D4236. Board is GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL (Underwriter Laboratories), ensuring it is safe for use in environments like schools and healthcare facilities.

Cohas Goat Theme Happy Birthday Banner Includes 16 by 52 Inch Vi

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