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Luupyia Farmhouse Super-cheap Pendant Light R Fixture 4-Lights Adjustable Direct sale of manufacturer

Luupyia Farmhouse Pendant Light Fixture, 4-Lights, Adjustable, R


Luupyia Farmhouse Pendant Light Fixture, 4-Lights, Adjustable, R

Product description

Color:U Brown 4-light

- This is a 4-lights farmhouse rustic chandelier suitable for E26 socket bulb, features 4 Bulb Sockets, bright enough.
- Features a classic iron frame with faux painted wood grain finish, this farmhouse island chandelier presenting an industrial and rural style look.
- This rustic pendant chandelier will be an excellent addition to your kitchen, dining room, pool table, living room, hallway, entryway, porch or loft.

- This farmhouse industrial chandelier suits for flat, sloped or angle ceiling.
- The height of the rod is adjustable.
- Dimmable:Dimmable when compatible dimmer switch used and dimmable bulbs. (Dimmer switch and bulb not included)
- Easy to find compatible E26 bulbs, sockets are UL Listed.

◆Specification of this large farmhouse chandelier :
①Materials: Metal
②Weight: 12.13 pounds(5.4kg)
③Dimension: Please refer to the picture of our page for specific size.
④Bulb Base: medium E26. (Bulbs Not Included)
⑤Rated Power Per Bulb amp; Voltage: Max 60W, 110-220V
⑥Suitable Places: Indoor Use
⑦Warranty: 3 years

◆What's in package:
1 x 4-lights vintage pendant light fixture
3 x Hanging Rod: including1pc 20cm 1pc30cm and 1pcs 50cm rods.
1 x user instruction
All mounting hardware needed

◆Suitable occation:
Perfect as rectangle rustic chandelier, dining room rectangular chandelier, bedroom vintage light fixture, farmhouse pendant lighting for kitchen,foyer farmhouse light fixture,farmhouse adjustable light fixture and so on.

Luupyia Farmhouse Pendant Light Fixture, 4-Lights, Adjustable, R

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