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Fashion T-Toy Military Aircraft Model Max 86% OFF 1 100 Air Israeli Force Scale F-15

T-Toy Military Aircraft Model,1/100 Scale Israeli Air Force F-15


T-Toy Military Aircraft Model,1/100 Scale Israeli Air Force F-15

Product description

 -Product: 1/100 Scale Israeli Air Force F-15I Eagle Fighter Model
 -The fighter model is a finished product without installation
 -Hand-painted rendering with exquisite details
 -Alloy metal and environmentally friendly plastic materials, safe and healthy
 -Not only can be used as toys, enjoy the fun of DIY, but also can learn more details, can also be used as a decoration of home decoration models
 -This is a good gift for those who like military aircraft

Note: This model is a static finished product. The simulation model is very fragile. Transported or used parts can be repaired with glue without affecting collection and appreciation
      Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Use under adult supervision! Prevent children from eating it!
      The pictures are taken in real time, because the monitor has chromatic aberration, the colors are for reference only!

Product parameters:
 -US Air Force F-15E Eagle Fighter Finished Model
 -Model real background: US Air Force F-15I Eagle Fighter
 -Scale: 1/100
 -Size: 7.5inch x 5.1inch (19cmx13cm)
 -Material: zinc alloy, environmentally friendly resin
 -Weight: 1Kg
 -International certification: EN71, ASTM, IS08124 and other professional certifications

Product packaging:
 -F-15I Eagle Fighter Model
 -Display stand
 - beautiful package

T-Toy Military Aircraft Model,1/100 Scale Israeli Air Force F-15

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