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IREANJ Clothes Hangers Foldable Import Closets 2021 spring and summer new Rack Coat Cloth Wardrobe

IREANJ Clothes Hangers Foldable Closets Cloth Wardrobe Coat Rack


IREANJ Clothes Hangers Foldable Closets Cloth Wardrobe Coat Rack

Product description

If you are not satisfied meet in any regards, please have no hesitation to contact us ,We will try our best to resove it.
Quality: The shelf provides great stability and is robus and durable, moreover it is extremely lightweight and has a smooth material. The high-quality processed materials are hard-wearing and the design is timeless which makes this cupboard a durable. space-saving and stylish all-rounder!

Material: jeanette, plastic parts, metal

Size: 210x45x172CM (1 inch = 2.54CM)

Function: classified storage

Product Description: Sealed, durable, dustproof, proof, suitable for single, couple, three people

Assembly: easy to install, easy to disassemble, need to be installed by yourself

Dustproof: fully sealed and dustproof

Cleaning method: detachable and washable

Dustproof and proof: lift the foot

Curtain Velcro: easy to pick up objects

Side storage: more convenient storage

Additional Information: For the cleaning of the box please wipe it off with a damp cloth. The content shown on the picture is NOT included in delivery!

IREANJ Clothes Hangers Foldable Closets Cloth Wardrobe Coat Rack

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