$37 Plastic 6" Square PLATES Disposable TABLEWARE Party Wedding Cate Health Household Household Supplies Plastic 6" Square PLATES Disposable Cate Party Limited Special Price TABLEWARE Wedding Health Household , Household Supplies,PLATES,Plastic,shuddhatattvam.com,Wedding,Disposable,$37,TABLEWARE,Cate,/Kumyk2429897.html,6",Square,Party Health Household , Household Supplies,PLATES,Plastic,shuddhatattvam.com,Wedding,Disposable,$37,TABLEWARE,Cate,/Kumyk2429897.html,6",Square,Party Plastic 6" Square PLATES Disposable Cate Party Limited Special Price TABLEWARE Wedding $37 Plastic 6" Square PLATES Disposable TABLEWARE Party Wedding Cate Health Household Household Supplies

Plastic 6

Plastic 6" Square PLATES Disposable TABLEWARE Party Wedding Cate


Plastic 6" Square PLATES Disposable TABLEWARE Party Wedding Cate

Product description

Item Package Quantity:50

6" Disposable Plastic Square Plates

Disposable tableware that will impress your guests. Put your good taste on display. This classic style lets the food do the talking!

Plates dimensions: approx. 6" long x 6" wide.
Material: Plastic.

Plastic 6" Square PLATES Disposable TABLEWARE Party Wedding Cate

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