JHSLXD Low Stool Home Wash Clothes Small Living Some reservation Shoe Bench Room $62 JHSLXD Low Stool Home Wash Clothes Small Bench Living Room Shoe Home Kitchen Furniture Bench,Wash,Home,$62,/Pelargikon2349777.html,JHSLXD,Clothes,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Low,Small,Stool,Living,Room,shuddhatattvam.com,Shoe JHSLXD Low Stool Home Wash Clothes Small Living Some reservation Shoe Bench Room Bench,Wash,Home,$62,/Pelargikon2349777.html,JHSLXD,Clothes,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Low,Small,Stool,Living,Room,shuddhatattvam.com,Shoe $62 JHSLXD Low Stool Home Wash Clothes Small Bench Living Room Shoe Home Kitchen Furniture

JHSLXD Low Stool Home Wash Clothes Small Living Super popular specialty store Some reservation Shoe Bench Room

JHSLXD Low Stool Home Wash Clothes Small Bench Living Room Shoe


JHSLXD Low Stool Home Wash Clothes Small Bench Living Room Shoe

Product description

Color:Wood C

Commodity name: Creative shoe-changing stool-household square low stool
Stool color: A, B, C, D, E
Material: Elm/
Stool size: L28*W18*H15CM (please refer to the size chart)
Applicable people: everyone
Installation method: overall installation
Applicable places: living room, bedroom, hotel, other
✿ [Product technology] The main material of this product is natural wood, and the texture and knots may be different. Therefore, the product you receive may have slight flaws in some details, but they are all unique. This is not a quality problem.
✿ [Size difference] Due to the different measurement methods and measurement tools, the product you receive may be slightly different from the size of the product marked by us. This is not a quality problem;
✿ [Logistics and after-sales] Since the goods are from China, the journey is far away, but please don’t worry, if the goods are damaged during transportation, we will provide a solution as soon as possible after the photos of the damaged parts you provide, 100 % Protect your interests;

JHSLXD Low Stool Home Wash Clothes Small Bench Living Room Shoe

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