$72 Hand Forged Chef Boning Knife,Kitchen Knives Cleaver with Sheath Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Chef,with,Sheath,Cleaver,Boning,Hand,shuddhatattvam.com,Forged,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$72,Knives,/aboveproof2349909.html,Knife,Kitchen Chef,with,Sheath,Cleaver,Boning,Hand,shuddhatattvam.com,Forged,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$72,Knives,/aboveproof2349909.html,Knife,Kitchen Hand Forged Chef Boning Knife Cleaver Sheath with Knives Kitchen Max 62% OFF Hand Forged Chef Boning Knife Cleaver Sheath with Knives Kitchen Max 62% OFF $72 Hand Forged Chef Boning Knife,Kitchen Knives Cleaver with Sheath Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Hand Forged Chef Boning Knife Cleaver Sheath with Knives Kitchen Max Factory outlet 62% OFF

Hand Forged Chef Boning Knife,Kitchen Knives Cleaver with Sheath


Hand Forged Chef Boning Knife,Kitchen Knives Cleaver with Sheath

Product description

✓Steel: High Carbon 4Cr13Mov Steel
✓Hardness: 58HRC
✓Full Length: 290 mm
✓Blade Length: 160 mm
✓Blade Width: 53 mm
✓Handle: redwood
✓Scabbard: Leather
✓Knife Weight: 320g
✓Characteristics:Super toughness,Portable, Perfect balanced.
✓Fix For:Multifuntion Knife for kitchen, Outdoor, Camping, Hunting, Hiking, BBQ amp; home use.

Package Includes:
1*6.3 Inch Forged Cleaver
1*Leather Sheath

1 * This knife isnot suitable for chopping bones.

Hand Forged Chef Boning Knife,Kitchen Knives Cleaver with Sheath

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