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YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar El Paso Mall Street Flood Light Wate Security Las Vegas Mall IP67

YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light IP67 Wate


YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light IP67 Wate

Product Description

solar flood light

YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Lights are widely used in rural roads, residential roads, sidewalks, industrial parks, landscape lighting, scenic spots, parks, gardens, streets, squares, gardens, garages, lawns, passages, patios, sheds, farms, boats, camping, basketball courts, arenas, sports fields, etc.

Auto Dusk to Dawn

Built-in intelligent control chip, automatically adjust the working power with battery capacity change, ensure long lighting time.

Two important factorsfor choosing solar lamps:

A.The size of the solar panel determines the amount of power generated, which is the charging speed. So the size is the most intuitive reference. (Refer to the size of the solar wafer on the board, some solar panels have large blank areas)

B.The battery can't get the data through the naked eye. It directly affects the working time and the service life. It can only refer to the parameters provided by the seller. It is recommended to buy from professional sellers.

Please refer to the watthours for battery capacity, such as 6 batteries, each battery is 3.2V 6Ah, the watthours is equal to 6pcs x 3.2vx 6ah =115.2 WH, the larger the capacity, the higher the load power and the longer the working time. .

The number of times the battery can be recharged and discharged: the meaning is that after charging and then the electricity is consumed, it is once. The more the number, the better.

The lamp body should be made of metal as much as possible, and the heat dissipation effect is good. The appearance and function are selected as needed.

Buy buy buy still need to carefully compare the parameters, the above is a few simple reference methods, it is recommended to find a professional seller to buy.

* Model: 100W

* Input Voltage: DC8-10V

* Number of LED chips: 208 Pcs

* CCT: 6000K - 6500K White

* Beam Angle: 120°

* Battery charge and discharge number of times: 1500

* Charging time: 6-8 hours

* Material: Aluminum + Tempered glass

* Working Temperature:-4°F to 120°F

*High stability lithium iron phosphate battery: 6Pcs*6A=36A

*Large size solar panel: size 22.84 x 13.78 inch

* Package Size: 24.85 x 15.95 x 6.75 in

* Gross weight: 17.6 lb

* Lighting time: 16-20 Hours

YQL lighting has 10 years of production experience to ensure the safety, durability and lower energy consumption of the lamps.

Extension cable link: B07R4HL1LX

2 Pin Plug Solar street light 100W Solar street light 200W Solar street light 300W Solar street light 300W
16.4Ft Extension Cord for 60W 100W Solar street light 100W Solar street light 200W Solar street light 300W Solar street light 300W
Model 16.4Ft Extension Cord for 60W 100W 100W 200W 300W 300W
CCT Adjustable temperature 2200K-7000K Adjustable temperature 2200K-7000K Adjustable temperature 2200K-7000K Adjustable temperature 2200K-7000K

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YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light IP67 Wate

Black And White Canvas Wall Art For Living Room Hotel Wall Paint
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A Basic Guide To ASX Trading

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is among the top ten of the world's leading financial market exchanges. It was born out of a merger by the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australi