$45 Hyact AquaBrixel (ADS-20) Aqua Driving System. Hydraulic Plastic Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Hyact AquaBrixel ADS-20 Aqua Driving System. Hydraulic Los Angeles Mall Plastic Hyact AquaBrixel ADS-20 Aqua Driving System. Hydraulic Los Angeles Mall Plastic $45 Hyact AquaBrixel (ADS-20) Aqua Driving System. Hydraulic Plastic Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /blanda2108079.html,(ADS-20),Plastic,Driving,$45,System.,Hyact,Aqua,AquaBrixel,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,shuddhatattvam.com,Hydraulic /blanda2108079.html,(ADS-20),Plastic,Driving,$45,System.,Hyact,Aqua,AquaBrixel,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,shuddhatattvam.com,Hydraulic

Hyact AquaBrixel ADS-20 Aqua Driving System. Hydraulic Los Angeles Mall Plastic High quality

Hyact AquaBrixel (ADS-20) Aqua Driving System. Hydraulic Plastic


Hyact AquaBrixel (ADS-20) Aqua Driving System. Hydraulic Plastic

Product description


Composition: 2 Brixels, 2 Brackets, 1 hose

Pressure : 4~6bar (0.4~0.6MPa)

RPM : ~800RPM (Max 1000)

Weight: 12g

Flow rate : ~90 cc/min

Unit size: 20*20*25(mm)

Package Size : 98mm x 98mm x 50mm

Package weight : about 110g

Manufacturer: Korea HyACT Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd

The origin of country: South Korea

Hyact AquaBrixel (ADS-20) Aqua Driving System. Hydraulic Plastic

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