for,$69,VFD,Phase,/blanda2349379.html,Automati,Loop,Single,Automotive , Tools Equipment,Frequency,,Open,FV/F,Converter Single Phase FV F Open Loop Converter Frequency for Low price Automati VFD $69 Single Phase FV/F Open Loop Frequency Converter VFD for Automati Automotive Tools Equipment for,$69,VFD,Phase,/blanda2349379.html,Automati,Loop,Single,Automotive , Tools Equipment,Frequency,,Open,FV/F,Converter Single Phase FV F Open Loop Converter Frequency for Low price Automati VFD $69 Single Phase FV/F Open Loop Frequency Converter VFD for Automati Automotive Tools Equipment

Single Phase FV F Open Loop Converter Frequency for Low price Automati Charlotte Mall VFD

Single Phase FV/F Open Loop Frequency Converter VFD for Automati


Single Phase FV/F Open Loop Frequency Converter VFD for Automati

Product description

The product can be connected with an external controller to realize infinite speed regulation control by 0 ~ 5v/0 ~ 10V analog voltage input and 0 ~ 20mA current signal input.
Frequency converter has quick start-stop response and high low speed torsion.
The internal protection function of the product has such protection functions as under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, etc. When short-circuit occurs, it will stop immediately to protect the host (short-circuit protection).
The maximum output frequency of the converter is 0-400 Hz.
Frequency converter with multi-function relay transmission, PID function, constant pressure water supply function.
Inverter built-in temperature detection, internal self-cooling function for the external environment requirements are low.
The additional control panel is equipped with 1 meter long connecting wire.

Model: JH-S2-2T-007B/JH-S2-2T-015B/JH-S2-2T-022B (Optional)
Adapt motor power: 0.75/1.5/2.2kW (corresponding model is optional)
Product Series: JH-S2
Scope of application: Universal
Power supply phase: Single phase
Rated input voltage: Single-phase AC 220V
Supply Voltage: Low Voltage
Filter: No
Characteristic of DC Power Supply: Voltage Type
Control mode: V/F open loop
Output Voltage Regulation: PWM Control
Shell: Plastic
Color: Black
Rated current: 20 (A)

Single Phase FV/F Open Loop Frequency Converter VFD for Automati

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