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FCPLLTR Kayak Cart Upgraded Version Canoe Ranking TOP3 H Trolley Carrier Finally resale start Boat

FCPLLTR Kayak Cart,Upgraded Version Canoe Boat Trolley Carrier H


FCPLLTR Kayak Cart,Upgraded Version Canoe Boat Trolley Carrier H

Product description

Installation steps
1. Check all accessories: 2 tires + trailer body
Align the aluminum tube at the bottom with the hole in the middle of the tire.
2. Teach the shrapnel, insert the aluminum tube into the tire and install it on both sides.
3. Place the kayak on the trailer, tie the webbing to the kayak and the trailer to complete the installation.
The 1.5mm pin aluminum canoe trailer is a great way to move your boat and equipment off the water. The easy-to-roll inner tube and lightweight aluminum frame can withstand a certain load.
1. Upgrade version
2. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with good quality
3. Easy to use
4. Widely used in kayaks and canoes
5. The sturdy alloy tube is corrosion-resistant, and the welded structure ensures durability
1. Material: PU and aluminum alloy
2. Color: silver
3. Product size: 28.8"" x 15.4"" x 16.5"" (length x width x height)
4. Product weight: 8.3 pounds
5. Weight: 175 pounds
6. Tube thickness: 1.5 mm
7. Wheel diameter: 10 inches
The package includes:
1 x kayak trailer

FCPLLTR Kayak Cart,Upgraded Version Canoe Boat Trolley Carrier H

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