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MILWAUKEE'S 8" Metal Cutting Saw Kit


MILWAUKEE'S 8" Metal Cutting Saw Kit

Product description

Description ᛖilwaukee's 8 in. metal cutting circular saw delivers faster, cooler, cleaner, more affordable metal cutting. Forget the showers of hot metal chips and sparks that were once an aerial threat on metal construction jobsites. The 6370 shears the metal, producing a virtually spark-free wake and cool, burr and scorch-free ????s that don't require post-cut finishing. Cool cut waste, in the form of metal shavings, is effectively contained with a durable magnesium blade shield and channeled into the saw's integral chip ????. Cool cutting also means that materials can be handled almost immediately following a cut, reducing downtime.
#: G1762083 Mfr #: 6370-21
Power Source : Corded
Blade Dia. : 8 in
Blade Side : Right
Max. Cutting Depth @ 0 Deg. : 2 9/16 in
Arbor Size : 5/8 in
Bevel Angle Range : 0 Degrees
????? Type : Direct ?????
Voltage : 120V AC
Current : 15 A
Includes : Carrying Case, Hex Blade Wrench, Premium Cermet Tipped Blade
Handle Type : Tilt
Corded/Cordless : Corded
Features : Dry Cut ??????????, Durable Blade Shield with Integral Chip ???? Deflects/Collects Hot Chips and Sparks, Plunge Lever
Depth of Cut @ 90 Deg. : 2-9/16"
No Load RPM : 3700
Amps : 15.0
Depth of Cut @ 45 Deg. : 2-9/16"
Corded/Banded : Corded
Item : Circular Saw
Tool Weight : 13.3 lb
Cord Length : 15 ft
Brake Type : None
Shoe Material : Magnesium
Max. Blade Speed : 3,700 RPM
Arbor Shape : Round
Variable Speed : No
Adjustable Cutting Depth : Yes
Country of Origin (subject to change) : China

MILWAUKEE'S 8" Metal Cutting Saw Kit

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