$32 Eye Mask, Natural Jadestone Face Massager, Eye Massage Care Tool Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Eye Mask Natural Jadestone Face Massage Ranking TOP20 Tool Massager Care Eye,$32,Jadestone,Massager,,Care,Tool,Massage,/department-Cote-d-Or/,shuddhatattvam.com,Natural,Eye,Face,Mask,,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care $32 Eye Mask, Natural Jadestone Face Massager, Eye Massage Care Tool Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Eye,$32,Jadestone,Massager,,Care,Tool,Massage,/department-Cote-d-Or/,shuddhatattvam.com,Natural,Eye,Face,Mask,,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care Eye Mask Natural Jadestone Face Massage Ranking TOP20 Tool Massager Care

Eye Mask Natural Jadestone Face Massage Ranking TOP20 Tool Massager Care Max 69% OFF

Eye Mask, Natural Jadestone Face Massager, Eye Massage Care Tool


Eye Mask, Natural Jadestone Face Massager, Eye Massage Care Tool

Product description



1. Hand‑made by natural jadestone, professional polishing process, exquisite polishing, will not harm the skin.
2. Make all human parts and organs work more harmoniously and accurately, stabilize emotions, and balance physiological functions.
3. Cool touch feeling, effective in relieving eye fatigue, improve dark circles and sleep problems.
4. Beads design at the edge part, beautiful and comfortable to wear can perfectly fits the face skin.
5. Provide soothing face massage and cooling sensation to relieve stress, can be used for mask treatment.


Item Type: Eye Mask

Material: Jadestone

Size: Approx. 23 x 9cm/9.1 x 3.5in

1. Helps instantly shape contours and reduce

Eye Mask, Natural Jadestone Face Massager, Eye Massage Care Tool

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