/department-Haut-Rhin/,Set,shuddhatattvam.com,Hair,Scissors,Scissors,Barber,Ja,3Pcs,$32,Thinning,Hairdressing,,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care $32 3Pcs Set Hair Scissors Hairdressing, Thinning Barber Scissors Ja Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 3Pcs Set Hair Scissors Barber Thinning Hairdressing Purchase Ja $32 3Pcs Set Hair Scissors Hairdressing, Thinning Barber Scissors Ja Beauty Personal Care Hair Care /department-Haut-Rhin/,Set,shuddhatattvam.com,Hair,Scissors,Scissors,Barber,Ja,3Pcs,$32,Thinning,Hairdressing,,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care 3Pcs Set Hair Scissors Barber Thinning Hairdressing Purchase Ja

3Pcs Set Hair Scissors Barber Thinning Hairdressing Purchase Award Ja

3Pcs Set Hair Scissors Hairdressing, Thinning Barber Scissors Ja


3Pcs Set Hair Scissors Hairdressing, Thinning Barber Scissors Ja

Product description

Hairdressing Scissors Should Be Stored In Cool, Safe And Dry Place. Regularly Wipe The Blades With A Thin Coating Of Oil To Prevent Stain And Corrosion. Do Not Store Them Together With Other Tools Or Other Scissors. Store Scissors In A Safe Place After Each Use To Avoid Accidents. Keep Them Out Of The Reach Of Children.
Hair Cutting Scissors Are Not Multipurpose Tools, Avoid Cutting Thick Cloth, Wires, Plastic Items, Staples, Needles Or Pins And Cardboard.
Quality Fully Tested Makes Hair Thinning Scissors The Best Choice Of Professionals. Cutting Hair Smoothly Without Causing Any Distress To Fingers.
Hairdressing Scissors Material: 4cr Stainless Steel
Hairdressing Scissors Steel Hardness: 52hrc
Scissors Length: 6.0 Inch

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3Pcs Set Hair Scissors Hairdressing, Thinning Barber Scissors Ja

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