DJASM 6Pcs 10Pcs White Resin Time sale Ring,DIY Rose Party Wntert Napkin,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,6Pcs/10Pcs,Napkin,$92,/department-Haute-Loire/,Party,Wntert,Rose,DJASM,Ring,DIY,White,Resin $92 DJASM 6Pcs/10Pcs White Resin Rose Napkin Ring,DIY Party Wntert Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining DJASM 6Pcs 10Pcs White Resin Time sale Ring,DIY Rose Party Wntert Napkin $92 DJASM 6Pcs/10Pcs White Resin Rose Napkin Ring,DIY Party Wntert Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,6Pcs/10Pcs,Napkin,$92,/department-Haute-Loire/,Party,Wntert,Rose,DJASM,Ring,DIY,White,Resin

Tulsa Mall DJASM 6Pcs 10Pcs White Resin Time sale Ring,DIY Rose Party Wntert Napkin

DJASM 6Pcs/10Pcs White Resin Rose Napkin Ring,DIY Party Wntert


DJASM 6Pcs/10Pcs White Resin Rose Napkin Ring,DIY Party Wntert

Product description

Size:6 pieces

Suitable for table decoration, hotel and other party decoration.
suitable for all kinds of clothes, jewelry, etc
Buckles Type:Napkin Ring
Size Diameter:45mm*50mm
Material: Silver/Resin Rose/ Iron

Quantity: 6PC/Set /10pcs
EXCELLENT DECOR FOR DINNER TABLE - You can use it for dinner table on Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, Wedding, Parties, Celebrations, Graduations, Special event, Banquet, Decorations

DJASM 6Pcs/10Pcs White Resin Rose Napkin Ring,DIY Party Wntert

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