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QNDYDB Portable Air Cooler Fan Cooling Tulsa Mall Evaporative New item Humidifier

QNDYDB Portable Air Cooler,Evaporative Cooling Fan, Humidifier


QNDYDB Portable Air Cooler,Evaporative Cooling Fan, Humidifier

Product description

This is a small portable USB-powered air cooler/conditioner that spreads coolness naturally in the same way the air is cooled in nature. The outcoming air is also humidified and purified and is perfect for your breathing. The mini desktop cooling fan will be your ideal partner this summer.

Portable Air Conditioner Fan with 3 in 1 functions of mini air cooler, humidification and air purifying for Home, Bedroom, Office, Camping Tent

Effectively turns hot dry air into cool moist air and refreshing air at the same time, moisturize your skin and humidify the surrounding air to prevent dry skin from cracking.

Become your best companion on a hot summer day, bringing you a refreshing wind and great memories !


❄ 3 adjustable speeds

❄ Air purification to make more fresh air

❄ Environmental protection,power-saving


Color: White

Maximum tank capacity: 200ml

Power Source:\tUSB

Rated voltage:\t5V/1A

What's in the box:\tPortable air cooler *1 User Manual *1

Warm tips:

❄ This air conditioner fan cools only the immediate area around the user.

❄ Do not add too much water/ ice that higher than the mark on the outside of the water tank.

❄ The surface of the water tank could get moisture when ice water inside, it’s normal in this case because of the temp difference.

Cleaning method

❄ After turning off the power, press the water tank buckle to open the water tank and clean the inside and bottom of the water tank with a brush or toothbrush.

QNDYDB Portable Air Cooler,Evaporative Cooling Fan, Humidifier

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