Ergonomic Gaming Chair C-Type Nylon Foot Racing New color Foldable Chair,,Gaming,Nylon,$138,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,Racing,Ergonomic,C-Type,Foldable,,Foot,,/department-Vienne/ $138 Ergonomic Gaming Chair, C-Type Foldable Nylon Foot, Racing Chair Home Kitchen Furniture $138 Ergonomic Gaming Chair, C-Type Foldable Nylon Foot, Racing Chair Home Kitchen Furniture Chair,,Gaming,Nylon,$138,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,Racing,Ergonomic,C-Type,Foldable,,Foot,,/department-Vienne/ Ergonomic Gaming Chair C-Type Nylon Foot Racing New color Foldable

Quality inspection Ergonomic Gaming Chair C-Type Nylon Foot Racing New color Foldable

Ergonomic Gaming Chair, C-Type Foldable Nylon Foot, Racing Chair


Ergonomic Gaming Chair, C-Type Foldable Nylon Foot, Racing Chair

Product description

Black gaming chair is a fashionable, new style racing chair, office swivel chair.
This racing chair is made of high quality PU material.
The full sponge, fine workmanship and large size cushion will make you feel soild and stable.
In addition to adjusting to a normal sitting position, this game chairs for adults can also be adjusted into a lying mode, coupled with a foot pad, you can get a good relaxation in the leisure of your work.
The difference between this five-star foot and the public foot is that this five-star foot has the function of folding, which can save a lot of space when you are not using or moving.

1. Color: Black amp; Orange
2. Product Dimensions: (23.03 x 19.69 x 44.69-48.62)" / (58.5 x 50 x 113.5-123.5)cm (L x W x H)
3. Backrest Dimensions: (21.06 x 31.50)" / (53.5 x 80)cm (W x H)
4. Armrest Width: 27.36" / 69.5cm
5. Five-Star Feet Diameter: 25.59" / 65cm
6. Footrest Dimensions: (8.27 x 14.96)" / (21 x 38)cm (W x L)
7. Headrest Dimensions: (7.09 x 11.02)" / (18 x 28)cm (W x H)
8. Pillow Dimensions: (7.87 x 11.81)" / (20 x 30)cm
9. Weight: 16.76lbs / 7.6kg

Package Inclues:
1 x Bucket Seat
1 x Installation Instructions
1 x Accessories Bag

Ergonomic Gaming Chair, C-Type Foldable Nylon Foot, Racing Chair

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