Artificial,Flower,Flower,and,Sun,Fabric,$26,50pcs/lot,Chiffon,/dustbin2349475.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Dried, New mail order Artificial and Dried Flower 50pcs Fabric lot Sun Chiffon $26 Artificial and Dried Flower 50pcs/lot Chiffon Fabric Sun Flower Home Kitchen Home Décor Products New mail order Artificial and Dried Flower 50pcs Fabric lot Sun Chiffon Artificial,Flower,Flower,and,Sun,Fabric,$26,50pcs/lot,Chiffon,/dustbin2349475.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Dried, $26 Artificial and Dried Flower 50pcs/lot Chiffon Fabric Sun Flower Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

New mail order Artificial Latest item and Dried Flower 50pcs Fabric lot Sun Chiffon

Artificial and Dried Flower 50pcs/lot Chiffon Fabric Sun Flower


Artificial and Dried Flower 50pcs/lot Chiffon Fabric Sun Flower

Product description

Color:You Pick Color

Item Description:

Products Name: fabric satin

Approx Size: see below picture

Color: show as picture.can be mixed colors.


Item Specification:

Classification: Artificial Flowers

Occasion: Wedding

Type: Rose

Flower Style: Flower Head

Material: Velvet

Style: Flower

Artificial and Dried Flower 50pcs/lot Chiffon Fabric Sun Flower

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