Art Prints realism Painting Nude Male the Credence back in field ga torso Male,Prints,back,in,field,ga,Nude,,/encephalomalacia2727359.html,realism,Painting,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,the,Art,$31,torso Male,Prints,back,in,field,ga,Nude,,/encephalomalacia2727359.html,realism,Painting,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,the,Art,$31,torso Art Prints realism Painting Nude Male the Credence back in field ga torso $31 Art Prints realism Painting Nude Male torso back in the field ga Home Kitchen Wall Art $31 Art Prints realism Painting Nude Male torso back in the field ga Home Kitchen Wall Art

Art Prints Super special price realism Painting Nude Male the Credence back in field ga torso

Art Prints realism Painting Nude Male torso back in the field ga


Art Prints realism Painting Nude Male torso back in the field ga

Product description


Painting size:30x45cm, Framed: 32x47cm, 4cm deep,please make sure the size you want,
There are 4 color frames:Golden/Black/Silvery/ Wood color,default color:Golden ,PU open frame as described,tell me the other color frame you want after bid.
Standard shipping by ePacket -USPS from China 10-20 days( maybe will take more than 30 days in special time),so had better choice expedited shipping by DHL 4-6 days.
($20-23 for first 0.5kg,additional $5-7/0.5kg), Framed Volume weight at 2.5kg, and i will refund you for shipping balance after shipping.
Click "dongyeeart" on the top right ,you will see more than 200 photos in "Products" i have listed.
100% money back guarantee,free returns for any reason in 30 days,

This is photo of an original oil painting painted by our artist but sold,HD photo with wonderful hand-painted details for art prints now.
will print painting use Japanese high-definition printer prints on cotton canvas,it is professional art copy printing machine.with best technology guarantees 10 years,no fading.
for technical reasons the appearance on a monitor may show colors slightly different from the original, the water mark/writing will be remove from photo.

please feel free contact with me for uncensored images or other photos, we have more than thousand HD photos for art prints,all from hand-painted oil paintings,
I will reply you within 8 hours.

we can accept painting orders on any theme as long as you send your favorite pictures by attachment ,we have sold more than ten thousand oil paintings
online in pass 15 years.Thank you!

Art Prints realism Painting Nude Male torso back in the field ga

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