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ShiSyan 28cm Mini Egg Dumpling Mold Home Love Physical Tampa Mall Max 49% OFF Pan

ShiSyan 28cm Mini Egg Dumpling Pan, Love Mold Pan, Home Physical


ShiSyan 28cm Mini Egg Dumpling Pan, Love Mold Pan, Home Physical

Product description

Product: Frying pan

Size: diameter 28cm

Material: Aluminum


Easy to care, hand wash, dry, wipe with cooking oil, regular use and proper maintenance are key to the mouth-watering black non-stick surface.

The rapeseed oil is applied to the pan and the rough surface of the iron pan to form a physical non-stick effect.

The frying pan can be used for a variety of heat sources, including gas, electric, and induction.

Care instructions:

If there is water stain after use, dry and seal it to avoid rust. If possible, apply a layer of oil evenly on the surface for better results.

Heating the pan will cause the handle to heat up, please use it carefully and be careful of burns.


Includes only the pan, other decorative items in the product photo are not included

Size may have an error of 1~2 cm

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ShiSyan 28cm Mini Egg Dumpling Pan, Love Mold Pan, Home Physical

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