Copper),Life,Designs,Of,…,Humdinger,,by,Wall,/foreconscious2107810.html,Art,(Pure,Metal,Tree,$206,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen $206 Metal Wall Art Tree Of Life (Pure Copper) by Humdinger Designs … Handmade Products Home Kitchen Metal Wall Art Tree Of Life Free Shipping New Designs Pure Copper by … Humdinger Copper),Life,Designs,Of,…,Humdinger,,by,Wall,/foreconscious2107810.html,Art,(Pure,Metal,Tree,$206,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen $206 Metal Wall Art Tree Of Life (Pure Copper) by Humdinger Designs … Handmade Products Home Kitchen Metal Wall Art Tree Of Life Free Shipping New Designs Pure Copper by … Humdinger

Metal Wall Art Tree Of Life Free Shipping New Luxury Designs Pure Copper by … Humdinger

Metal Wall Art Tree Of Life (Pure Copper) by Humdinger Designs …


Metal Wall Art Tree Of Life (Pure Copper) by Humdinger Designs …

Tree of Life by Humdinger Designs (Pure Copper). This stunning Tree of Life is made from pure Copper sheet and has intentionally been left unsealed (no coatings) so that it will patina naturally over time, giving the piece a life of it's own. The amount and type of patina will depend on the environment of it's new home. Hand polishing, grinding, and heating provides a rich texture and individual look to each tree we make. This tree is shipped ready to install with built-in mounting bracket and stand-offs which space it away from the wall approximately 1".

Metal Wall Art Tree Of Life (Pure Copper) by Humdinger Designs …

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