/foreconscious2108010.html,Furniture,$219,Willow,Progressive,White,shuddhatattvam.com,Chest,,Lingerie,Home Kitchen , Furniture /foreconscious2108010.html,Furniture,$219,Willow,Progressive,White,shuddhatattvam.com,Chest,,Lingerie,Home Kitchen , Furniture Max 73% OFF Progressive Furniture Willow Lingerie White Chest $219 Progressive Furniture Willow Lingerie Chest, White Home Kitchen Furniture Max 73% OFF Progressive Furniture Willow Lingerie White Chest $219 Progressive Furniture Willow Lingerie Chest, White Home Kitchen Furniture

Detroit Mall Max 73% OFF Progressive Furniture Willow Lingerie White Chest

Progressive Furniture Willow Lingerie Chest, White


Progressive Furniture Willow Lingerie Chest, White

Product description


Hand applied distressing on rough hewn and planed pine solids to achieve a natural, vintage look: made to look like paint is chipped and natural pine color shows through. Tops and ends are solid planked panels, oversized thick tops and parting rails. Chest features tongue and groove construction with pine solids produce durable cases, inset drawers constructed of solid pine drawer interiors with metal positive stop guides and gunmetal finish on nostalgic cup pulls.

Progressive Furniture Willow Lingerie Chest, White

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