Great Deal Furniture Maureen Contemporary Wood Faux Cube Bo New sales Unit Contemporary,Faux,Unit,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/foredoor2107935.html,$105,Great,Cube,,Deal,Maureen,Bo,Furniture,Wood Great Deal Furniture Maureen Contemporary Wood Faux Cube Bo New sales Unit Contemporary,Faux,Unit,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/foredoor2107935.html,$105,Great,Cube,,Deal,Maureen,Bo,Furniture,Wood $105 Great Deal Furniture Maureen Contemporary Faux Wood Cube Unit Bo Home Kitchen Furniture $105 Great Deal Furniture Maureen Contemporary Faux Wood Cube Unit Bo Home Kitchen Furniture

Great Deal Furniture Maureen Contemporary Wood 55% OFF Faux Cube Bo New sales Unit

Great Deal Furniture Maureen Contemporary Faux Wood Cube Unit Bo


Great Deal Furniture Maureen Contemporary Faux Wood Cube Unit Bo

Product description

Color:Dark Gray, Black

Do you love to organize your decor? Then our precisely structured bookcase is the ideal accessory for you. Featuring a clean contemporary design, our bookcase uses a compartmentalized design to create a geometric look for your home. This features two cabinets, one drawer, and multiple shelves which allow you to organize and display your items with a charming look. Finished with iron legs, this piece offers assuring stability and a sleek look, making this the perfect addition to any interior space.

  • Includes: One (1) Bookcase
  • Material: Faux Wood
  • Leg Material: Iron
  • Finish: Dark Gray
  • Leg Finish: Black
  • Hand-Crafted Details
  • Assembly Required
  • Dimensions: 11.75 inches deep x 23.60 inches wide x 67.00 inches high

    Great Deal Furniture Maureen Contemporary Faux Wood Cube Unit Bo

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