$105 U Part Human Hair Wig Kinky Straight Wigs for Black Women, 24 in Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Part,Wigs,U,Kinky,in,24,Black,Women,,/gasometrical2349368.html,Human,Straight,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$105,Hair,Wig,shuddhatattvam.com,for U Part Human Hair Wig Kinky Straight Women Omaha Mall Wigs in 24 for Black $105 U Part Human Hair Wig Kinky Straight Wigs for Black Women, 24 in Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Part,Wigs,U,Kinky,in,24,Black,Women,,/gasometrical2349368.html,Human,Straight,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$105,Hair,Wig,shuddhatattvam.com,for U Part Human Hair Wig Kinky Straight Women Omaha Mall Wigs in 24 for Black

U Part Human Hair Wig Kinky Straight Women Omaha Mall Wigs in 24 Superior for Black

U Part Human Hair Wig Kinky Straight Wigs for Black Women, 24 in


U Part Human Hair Wig Kinky Straight Wigs for Black Women, 24 in

Product Description

lace front wig half wig kinky curly clip ins wavy clip ins 4/30 clip in hair extensions elastic band for wigs
13X4 Lace Front Wigs 3/4 Half Human Hair Wigs Kinky Curly Clip Ins Wavy Clip Ins 4/30 Kinky Curly Clip Ins Edge Band for Lace Wigs
Material Human Hair Human Hair Human Hair Human Hair Human Hair Edge Slay Band for Baby Hair
Length 16 inch -28 inch 12 inch -22 inch 10 inch -20 inch 12 inch -20 inch 10 inch -20 inch 3 Pcs / Lot
Color Natural Color Natural Color #1B amp; #4/30 #1B / #1 / #2 #1B amp; #4/30 Black / Customized

The Benefits of U Part Wigs

1. Flexible hairstyle: U-part wig don't need glue, it is more healthy. Also it allows you to have an instant new hairstyle and change your hairstyle frequently and more quickly. It is perfect for anyone who wants to get hair extension.

2. Can be conditioned easily: U-part wig will give you an opportunity to regularly take care of your own hair. Also you can do proper washing and deep conditioning of the hair wig easily.

3. Prevent hair loss: No sewing! If you have a weak hairline or your hair cannot withstand tight sew in braids and weaves, then u-part wigs will be of great help to you. It helps in preventing hair loss.

4. Fuller hair look: U-part wig is used as a fun accessory which makes your hair look fuller, thicker and glossier.


------------Please Throw Away your Lace Wigs and Extensions-----------

------------Choose this U Part Wigs and You will 100% Love it------------

kinky straight wig

  1. Cut The Bands at Front When Your Wear
  2. Comb Your Hair on The top of Head. And Tie Like Shape U. (braiding your hair Like U Shape is better)
  3. Wear the U Part Half Wig According to the Previous U Shape, Adjust the Wig to Right Position, Clip the Hair from Front to Side
  4. Put Your own Hair on the Top to cover the edge of the u-part human hair wig. And you can style it for more natural

U Part Human Hair Wig Kinky Straight Wigs for Black Women, 24 in

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