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Soccer Goals For Backyard Kids Under New Orleans Mall blast sales Football T Children's Goal

Soccer Goals For Backyard Kids Soccer Goal Children's Football T


Soccer Goals For Backyard Kids Soccer Goal Children's Football T

Product description

Learn to play: The kids soccer goal is perfect for introducing your little athletes to the game of soccer. Whether it be a toddlers first time, or a young kid’s practice set

Product parameters:

Name: Football goal

Style: sports/outdoor training

Material: high quality steel pipe + polyethylene ball net

Size: 120x80cm/47.24x31.49in

Weight: about 8kg

Product Features:

1. Thickened steel pipe: Manufactured with a high quality and steel pipe frame, Safe and stable.

2. The steel posts amp; football net have both been UV treated to prevent weathering for year-round use.

3. Polyethylene football net, allowing it to be struck by the ball multiple times and not breaking or losing shape, It has the characteristics of tear resistance, sun resistance and durability.

4. Football goal size: 120x80cm, suitable for 3-5 people.

5. Applicable to: indoor, outdoor, garden, beach, club, school, playground, etc., suitable for multiple scenes.

【Wauvke Warm tips】
✓ Due to manual measurement, the product error is 1 to 3cm, depending on the actual product.
✓ Due to the different resolutions of the display, the lighting has different colors, and the product has a certain color difference.
✓ 24 hours online service: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our experienced customer service team will reply within 24 hours.

Soccer Goals For Backyard Kids Soccer Goal Children's Football T

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