$105 Full Size Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Platform Bed Frame with Home Kitchen Furniture Full Size Bed Frame No Bargain Spring Needed Platform with Box Frame,Needed,Platform,Box,Bed,Bed,/gymnasiast2366093.html,Size,$105,No,with,shuddhatattvam.com,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Frame,Full,Spring Frame,Needed,Platform,Box,Bed,Bed,/gymnasiast2366093.html,Size,$105,No,with,shuddhatattvam.com,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Frame,Full,Spring Full Size Bed Frame No Bargain Spring Needed Platform with Box $105 Full Size Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Platform Bed Frame with Home Kitchen Furniture

Full Size Bed Frame No Bargain Spring Needed Financial sales sale Platform with Box

Full Size Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Platform Bed Frame with


Full Size Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Platform Bed Frame with

Product description


The full size bed frames are made of 100% sturdy metal tube. Durable reliable metal construction. Good quality metal slats support 480lbs easily without the help of the box spring. The bed frame provides a wonderful foundation for any coordinating mattress size. Bed frame packed in one box,easy to transport and assemble. The bed frame foundation is designed for strength and style. We perfectly solved what you worried for the bed frame,just enjoy your sleep freely. Specification: Bed Frmae Size: Full Bed Frame Dimension: 77.5''53.9''16.1'' Mattress Size: 75"54'' Net Weight: 34.1lbs Gross Weight: 38.5lbs Max Capacity Weight: 500lbs Notes: Do not tighten all the screws when installing the framework. Please check all the screws tighten after finishing the installation.

Full Size Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed Platform Bed Frame with

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