With,Bob,/gymnasiast2429493.html,Charming,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Fringe,Wave,Curly,Short,With,Wig,Wi,Lady,shuddhatattvam.com,$31,Black Black Short Curly Wig Japan Maker New Charming Lady Wi Wave With Fringe Bob $31 Black Short Curly Wig Charming Lady Bob With Fringe Wave With Wi Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $31 Black Short Curly Wig Charming Lady Bob With Fringe Wave With Wi Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Black Short Curly Wig Japan Maker New Charming Lady Wi Wave With Fringe Bob With,Bob,/gymnasiast2429493.html,Charming,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Fringe,Wave,Curly,Short,With,Wig,Wi,Lady,shuddhatattvam.com,$31,Black

Black Short Curly Wig Japan Maker New Charming Lady Regular store Wi Wave With Fringe Bob

Black Short Curly Wig Charming Lady Bob With Fringe Wave With Wi


Black Short Curly Wig Charming Lady Bob With Fringe Wave With Wi

Product description

Length: 14inch 35cm

Weight: (gross weight: 190g) (net weight: 150g)

Material: chemical fiber high temperature silk

Reminder: The manual measurement is wrong, please refer to the actual product

Can the wig be cut?

Yes, you can. Wig supports auxiliary modeling. It has a basic style, but it can be customized and shaped by a professional hair stylist to customize its appearance. This is a great way to make unique wigs.

Can wigs be curled or dyed?

better not. All wigs can withstand a high temperature of 180 degrees. However, we do not recommend using heated rollers, as this will make the wig more tangled or even damaged. And considering that the wig cannot be skinless for a long time and cannot be fixed on the dyeing, once dyed, the wig net will be difficult to clean. We recommend not to dye wigs.

How to clean the wig?

1. Using mild shampoo, gently immerse the wig in cold or warm water.

2. Rinse the wig with warm water in the same direction.

3. Gently comb from beginning to end.

Our wigs are designed with the most user-friendly density and weight to ensure fashion and comfort. Beautiful hairstyles will definitely bring you a lot of compliments

Black Short Curly Wig Charming Lady Bob With Fringe Wave With Wi

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