$75 ZYF Wine Rack Whiskey Decanter Premium Oak Barrel (1.5 Liter) Ho Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $75 ZYF Wine Rack Whiskey Decanter Premium Oak Barrel (1.5 Liter) Ho Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Premium,ZYF,$75,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,shuddhatattvam.com,(1.5,Liter),Decanter,Barrel,Ho,Oak,Wine,Whiskey,Rack,/gymnasiast2429593.html Max 52% OFF ZYF Wine Rack Whiskey Decanter Premium Oak 1.5 Ho Liter Barrel Max 52% OFF ZYF Wine Rack Whiskey Decanter Premium Oak 1.5 Ho Liter Barrel Premium,ZYF,$75,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,shuddhatattvam.com,(1.5,Liter),Decanter,Barrel,Ho,Oak,Wine,Whiskey,Rack,/gymnasiast2429593.html

Max 52% All items in the store OFF ZYF Wine Rack Whiskey Decanter Premium Oak 1.5 Ho Liter Barrel

ZYF Wine Rack Whiskey Decanter Premium Oak Barrel (1.5 Liter) Ho


ZYF Wine Rack Whiskey Decanter Premium Oak Barrel (1.5 Liter) Ho

Product description


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Take down the faucet, put the wine barrel on the table, the mouth side facing up, slowly pour drinks from the faucet connector, then tighten the faucet.

1. Do Not shake the wine barrel
2. Do Not use hard objects to Stir the barrels.
3. The first time to drink up the liquor, if you want to fill the wine up, please wash the barrel with water
4. Oak barrels can not be filled with beer, gas liquid, etc.
5. If you want to brew some wine, it is recommended that the use of non-denier oak barrels, our product has no aging wine function.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Color: Wine red
Material: Oak
Faucet: Plastic
Liner: Aluminum Foil
Capacity: 1.5 L
Barrel: (L )203mm / 8 inch; (W)138mm / 5.43 inch(appr.)
Barrel with Stand: (H )196mm / 8 inch (appr.)

Package includes:
1 x Oak barrel
1 x Oak stand
1 x Oak cork
1 x Oak tap (wooden)
1 x Manual

ZYF Wine Rack Whiskey Decanter Premium Oak Barrel (1.5 Liter) Ho

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