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Night Lights Store LED Triangle Light Modular Wall Control Remote Lamp Sale SALE% OFF

Night Lights LED Triangle Light Modular Remote Control Wall Lamp


Night Lights LED Triangle Light Modular Remote Control Wall Lamp

Product description


Night Lights LED Triangle Light Modular Remote Control Wall Lamp Creative Home Decor Color Night Lamp garden lights solar powered waterproof ground
Night Lights LED Triangle Light Modular Remote Control Wall Lamp Creative Home Decor Color Night Lamp

1.This is a modular wall lamp. Use a Triangle disk to create any structure that suits your needs, then open it and close it when turning off.

2.The product consists of a series of plastic Triangles, which can be connected with magnets and interlocking patterns to form a wall lamp. Magnets that make up the physical connections between components also allow current to flow from one component to another.

3.With the product's power supply, each component is turned on and off through a capacitive sensor. The basic idea of this product is to allow users to convert the internal structure of space into a light source. It allows the user to illuminate the path of his contact by simply sliding the surface of the wall. Turn the interior building into the canvas and let users use their hands as brushes

4.Each component can be easily connected to a magnet located at the edge of the product. Triangle shapes allow these components to be embedded together and provide opportunities for different structures. This process allows users to create lights that meet their needs. Users can buy as many unit lights as possible.

5.The combination of modularization and lighting control is equivalent to a product that users can fully customize. The product offers opportunities for each environment-specific lighting solution.

Light source type: LED
Voltage: 110-240V
Shade material: Acrylic
Switch type: Remove control
Power supply mode: socket power supply
Irradiation area: 3-5 square meters
Size: 150 x 130 x 28 mm

1.Please allow 0-1cm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.

Night Lights LED Triangle Light Modular Remote Control Wall Lamp

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