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DC Gear Popularity Motor Wide Application Magnet Speed Low Permanent Limited time trial price Mini

DC Gear Motor, Wide Application Low Speed Mini Permanent Magnet


DC Gear Motor, Wide Application Low Speed Mini Permanent Magnet

Product description

1. Using all metal gears, small size, large torsion, ultra quiet, stable operation. Wear‑resistant, quiet with long life
2. Pure copper coil that stator and rotor adopted strengthen deceleration resistance and conductivity, so that increase the motor torsion
3. Automatically cut off the power when the current reaches 3A with overcurrent protection, avoid burning out during the use of the motor, increase the service life of the motor
4. The lubricating oil applied to the motor gear is high‑temperature grease, has low friction and noise reduction and slow temperature rise, improving the service life of the gear
5. Two magnets in the motor body, which can improve the performance of the motor, possess high remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy product, high performance, and high torsion


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DC Gear Motor, Wide Application Low Speed Mini Permanent Magnet

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