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New low-pricing popularity METIME Long Water Wavy Mint Green 13×3 Wig Synthetic Lace Front

METIME Long Water Wavy Mint Green Wig Synthetic 13×3 Lace Front


METIME Long Water Wavy Mint Green Wig Synthetic 13×3 Lace Front

Product description

about Us

Profession: We have been engaged in the research and development and production of wigs from the beginning, and formed a professional technical team and production team. Provide professional advice and help for your beauty.

Advantages: We have our own factories and production machines, which can not only control the production quality, but also provide high-quality products to help us control costs and provide customers with preferential prices.

100% service: We are at your service at any time. Whether you have any questions before or after the purchase, we are always online.

Focus on quality, fashion and service! We provide you with more choices. Choose our real hair or synthetic wig to give your daily look a whole new look!

Several common questions about wigs

(1). Is the wig suitable for my head shape? The size of the wig cap is not less than 22 inches. Suitable for most people.

(2). Wigs fall off or become tangled. Whether it’s our own hair or the wig you bought. It is impossible not to lose hair at all. this is normal. So we must take more care of our hair or wigs. We recommend that you use conditioner and professional comb to keep the wig clean, avoid tangles, and prolong the service life of the wig.

(3). Due to the difference in light and angle of shooting, there is a slight color difference between the photo and the actual object, but it is within the controllable range. We will reply you without hesitation. You can buy products with confidence and show more beauty!

METIME Long Water Wavy Mint Green Wig Synthetic 13×3 Lace Front

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