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High order LIZHOUMIL Metal Frame L-Shaped Desk Office Home Ad Computer Free Shipping New

LIZHOUMIL Metal Frame L-Shaped Desk Home Office Computer Desk Ad


LIZHOUMIL Metal Frame L-Shaped Desk Home Office Computer Desk Ad

Product description


Name: L-shaped computer desk
Weights And Dimensions
Overall 29.9 inch x 58 inch x 58 inch
Overall Product Weight 60 lb.
Desk Type Executive Desk
Table Material Manufactured Wood
Table Color White
Table Top Weight Capacity 220 Pounds
Assembly Needed Yes
Supplier Intended and Approved Use Residential Use
This L-shaped desk stands out with its modern, sleek and refreshing appearance. Founded atop the stylish white metal leg, in L-shape the spacious desk provides a comfortable working environment that promotes productivity. The carefully polished wood finish of the desktop is smooth and delicate. The overall design of this desk is well-thought as its unique frame leg not only invites visual delights but save more space for your leg— substantially optimize the comfort and the aesthetics.
1. Hot Style.
2. We produce this item in a big factory which has a low damage and defective rate.
3. Compared with the same quality, the price is competitive.
Packing list:
L-shaped computer desk * 1
Note: All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only, the color deviation is subject to actual system configuration.

LIZHOUMIL Metal Frame L-Shaped Desk Home Office Computer Desk Ad

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