JIE. LongAfternoon Tea Cup Set Small Luxury Ceramic Light Sale Palace JIE. LongAfternoon Tea Cup Set Small Luxury Ceramic Light Sale Palace JIE.,Cup,Light,Small,shuddhatattvam.com,Tea,LongAfternoon,Palace,Ceramic,Set,/interfrontal2727494.html,$42,Luxury,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $42 JIE. LongAfternoon Tea Cup Set Palace Small Light Luxury Ceramic Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $42 JIE. LongAfternoon Tea Cup Set Palace Small Light Luxury Ceramic Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining JIE.,Cup,Light,Small,shuddhatattvam.com,Tea,LongAfternoon,Palace,Ceramic,Set,/interfrontal2727494.html,$42,Luxury,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining

JIE. LongAfternoon Tea Cup Sales Set Small Luxury Ceramic Light Sale Palace

JIE. LongAfternoon Tea Cup Set Palace Small Light Luxury Ceramic


JIE. LongAfternoon Tea Cup Set Palace Small Light Luxury Ceramic

Product description


Touch life products are not only bones, but also life and lifestyle. We sincerely invite you to enter our way of life and start enjoying a new life.
★ Reasons for choosing bones:
Convenience-The most convenient way to choose ceramics is cleaning. It's easy to clean! Slightly greasy, rinse with water and dry. Heavy oil, only a small amount of detergent. For the dirt and long-term oily stains of tea cups or coffee cups, it is easy to soak them with detergent, and then gently wipe them, the dirt will disappear. A person is usually lucky to do housework.
2. Elegant and delicate bone China: soft white, good light transmission. Compared with ordinary ceramics, Bone China has different quality and brightness.
3. Food insulation-Compared with traditional ceramics, bones have good thermal insulation properties, allowing you to feel good when drinking coffee or tea.

Delivery time: The delivery time is 15-25. If you still have not received the product after 30 days, please contact us in time and we will be at your service 24 hours a day.

JIE. LongAfternoon Tea Cup Set Palace Small Light Luxury Ceramic

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