Dental Lamp KY-P113 φ22mm 15W In Ranking TOP17 LED Oral Operating Light $168 Dental Lamp KY-P113 φ22mm 15W Dental LED Oral Light Operating In Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Dental,$168,KY-P113,LED,/mameliere5268922.html,Oral,Dental,15W,In,Light,Lamp,φ22mm,,Operating,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care Dental,$168,KY-P113,LED,/mameliere5268922.html,Oral,Dental,15W,In,Light,Lamp,φ22mm,,Operating,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care $168 Dental Lamp KY-P113 φ22mm 15W Dental LED Oral Light Operating In Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Dental Lamp KY-P113 φ22mm 15W In Ranking TOP17 LED Oral Operating Light

Dental High quality new Lamp KY-P113 φ22mm 15W In Ranking TOP17 LED Oral Operating Light

Dental Lamp KY-P113 φ22mm 15W Dental LED Oral Light Operating In


Dental Lamp KY-P113 φ22mm 15W Dental LED Oral Light Operating In

Product description

Model:TDOU- KY-P113-22mm
Input Voltage: AC12-24V
Power: 15W
Color Temperature:4500K
Spot size:70x140mm(Distance for 700mm)
Amount of LED tube:6pcs
Joint dimension:φ22mm
Dimension of package: 39.5x33.5x17.5cm
Control Method: Manual Switch; Induction Switch,8 grade Illumination can be adjusted.

Dental Lamp KY-P113 φ22mm 15W Dental LED Oral Light Operating In

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