Lunch Bag Ranking TOP14 With Pocket- Low Polygonal Glowing Re Star Angles Five $21 Lunch Bag With Pocket- Low Polygonal Glowing Five Angles Star Re Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Low,Pocket-,$21,Re,With,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/oxy2429612.html,Angles,Star,Glowing,Lunch,,Five,Polygonal,Bag Low,Pocket-,$21,Re,With,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/oxy2429612.html,Angles,Star,Glowing,Lunch,,Five,Polygonal,Bag Lunch Bag Ranking TOP14 With Pocket- Low Polygonal Glowing Re Star Angles Five $21 Lunch Bag With Pocket- Low Polygonal Glowing Five Angles Star Re Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Lunch quality assurance Bag Ranking TOP14 With Pocket- Low Polygonal Glowing Re Star Angles Five

Lunch Bag With Pocket- Low Polygonal Glowing Five Angles Star Re


Lunch Bag With Pocket- Low Polygonal Glowing Five Angles Star Re

Product description

Durable and resistant material.
300D Oxford cloth and high quality braided tape and aluminum foil. The exterior of the lunch bag is constructed from 300D dirt-proof Oxford cloth for durability and easy cleaning.
Strong handles and sturdy nylon connected by dense seams make the bag extremely durable, proud to carry your lunch.
The high-quality heat insulation aluminum film inside, which plays a great role in heat preservation.
perfect for students and office workers to carry lunch or snacks. Substances without BPA guarantee health and are harmless to the body.

Printing technology
High-tech digital printing technology presents vivid and beautiful patterns without fading that show your own style and personality.

Easy to clean interior.
The interior is waterproof and extremely easy to clean. Don't worry if your lunch bag is accidentally turning oily, just wipe it off with tissues or a mild detergent to clean it.

Lunch Bag With Pocket- Low Polygonal Glowing Five Angles Star Re

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