Bean,Inc,Bag,|,Heavy,Chair,Meridian,Home Kitchen , Furniture,,Plush,$71,Comfort,Fur,Faux,/region-Corse/,Metal $71 Heavy Metal Inc Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Fur Chair | Comfort Home Kitchen Furniture Cheap sale Heavy Metal Inc Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Comfort Fur Chair $71 Heavy Metal Inc Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Fur Chair | Comfort Home Kitchen Furniture Bean,Inc,Bag,|,Heavy,Chair,Meridian,Home Kitchen , Furniture,,Plush,$71,Comfort,Fur,Faux,/region-Corse/,Metal Cheap sale Heavy Metal Inc Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Comfort Fur Chair

Cheap sale Heavy Metal Inc Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Las Vegas Mall Comfort Fur Chair

Heavy Metal Inc Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Fur Chair | Comfort


Heavy Metal Inc Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Fur Chair | Comfort

From the manufacturer

Heavy Metal Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Fur Chair, Comfortable and Fun Beanbag for The Whole Family, Non-Spill Memory Foam Filling (Silver Dusk)

Soft to the touch and perfect for lying against, this bean bag is great for any age and any room. Give it to the kids as a fun seating option, or keep it for yourself when you sneak away to read your favorite book again or play your favorite game. This faux fur bean bag will make each and every one of your guests wanting one of their own. 34.00"D x 34.00"W x 25.00"H.


  • Inlcudes: One (1) Pillow
  • Material: Faux Fur
  • Faux Fur Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Filler: Polyurethane Foam
  • Color: Silver Dusk
  • No Assembly Required

Heavy Metal Inc Meridian Bean Bag Plush Faux Fur Chair | Comfort

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