$57 Knife Block Powerful Single-sided Magnetic Knife Holder, Solid W Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $57 Knife Block Powerful Single-sided Magnetic Knife Holder, Solid W Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Block,/region-Poitou-Charentes/,Knife,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Powerful,Knife,shuddhatattvam.com,$57,Magnetic,W,Solid,Holder,,Single-sided Knife Block Powerful Single-sided Tampa Mall Solid W Magnetic Holder Knife Block Powerful Single-sided Tampa Mall Solid W Magnetic Holder Block,/region-Poitou-Charentes/,Knife,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Powerful,Knife,shuddhatattvam.com,$57,Magnetic,W,Solid,Holder,,Single-sided

Knife Block Powerful Single-sided Tampa Mall Solid W Magnetic Kansas City Mall Holder

Knife Block Powerful Single-sided Magnetic Knife Holder, Solid W


Knife Block Powerful Single-sided Magnetic Knife Holder, Solid W

Product description

Large capacity: Various shapes of knives can be comfortably fitted into the knife holder. Adding a slot for your kitchen scissors is very suitable for placing the scissors nearby and convenient to use. The shape is simple and easy to clean, and it is easy to wipe clean
Name: Magnetic Knife Holder
Weight: 1 485g
Material: Teak + Magnet
Purpose: suitable for a variety of tools of different sizes
Craftsmanship; hand polished
Features: strong magnetic force is not easy to fall
Size: 30cmx22cmx10.8cm/11.8inx8.6inx4.2in
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Knife Block Powerful Single-sided Magnetic Knife Holder, Solid W

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