Rug,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Short-Pile,Sta,$64,Children´s,Star,Design,Children's,Room,/shadowable2108047.html,Modern $64 Modern Short-Pile Children´s Rug Star Design Children's Room Sta Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Modern Short-Pile Animer and price revision Children´s Rug Star Sta Room Children's Design Rug,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Short-Pile,Sta,$64,Children´s,Star,Design,Children's,Room,/shadowable2108047.html,Modern Modern Short-Pile Animer and price revision Children´s Rug Star Sta Room Children's Design $64 Modern Short-Pile Children´s Rug Star Design Children's Room Sta Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Modern Short-Pile Animer and price revision Children´s Rug Star Special price for a limited time Sta Room Children's Design

Modern Short-Pile Children´s Rug Star Design Children's Room Sta


Modern Short-Pile Children´s Rug Star Design Children's Room Sta

Product description

Size:6'7" Square

Come on, we're going to paint a sun. A children's room is the place where your child plays, laughs and lives. A modern children's rug creates a cuddly atmosphere and awakens the imagination of the little ones. Want to skip through a meadow? A visit to the funny animals at the zoo? Or work on a farm? Or look at the starry sky? With a play rug you give your child the opportunity to write their own story. We pay great attention to goods that are free from harmful substances, especially with little ones. Therefore, all our rugs have the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate, so even toddlers can discover their own small kingdom unhindered. Children's rugs should not just be looked at but all experienced with all the senses. Smaller and bigger accidents are therefore pre-programmed and yet completely unproblematic. The material is extremely easy-care and can be used without anything extra on underfloor heating.

Modern Short-Pile Children´s Rug Star Design Children's Room Sta

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