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XiXiBoom Toilet Brush Multifunction Floor-Standing Toilet Brush


XiXiBoom Toilet Brush Multifunction Floor-Standing Toilet Brush

Product description

The WC brush is very versatile and suitable for most holders in the market. Can be used in most bathrooms. The brush head is made of high-quality , which can remain strong and durable. The cleanliness of the spindle is very high.

100% Brand New and High Quality.
1. User-friendly handle, fit the hand, comfortable to hold, easy to use.
2. The corners are round and integrated, and the surface of the matte plastic is thick.
3. The interior is hollowed out and the water steam can be evaporated from the bottom to the top.
4. The soft hair of TPR material is clean, soft and wear-resistant, decontaminating and non-sticking, and does not hurt the glaze.
5. Comes with a built-in tweezer in the handle,practical and convenient.

Pattern: solid.
Material: PP + TPR + Stainless Steel.
Color: white
Type: floor standing type.

Package Included:
1 x toilet brush holder set + 1 x built-in tweezer
The clean toilet brush will never wear out or change its shape, thus maintaining a perfect cleaning effect. The toilet brush has a brush head that can reach all areas, anti-clogging and anti-drip bristles. It will not scratch the surface of the toilet!

XiXiBoom Toilet Brush Multifunction Floor-Standing Toilet Brush

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